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I saved a life tonight
oh snap
I was jogging on Bayshore Blvd and I saw a little dog running after a family on a bike. I thought the family were a bunch of idiots for not having the dog on a leash but I kept going, hoping it would work out. On my way back to my car I saw the little dog sitting by the road alone. I tried to get him to come with me but he wouldn't get up and he didn't have a collar on. I went back to my starting point, got my car, and when I got back to him I could see he was lying down with two people around him. I thought at first he had been hit by a car and I just couldn't handle that, but he was just making friends and had rolled over to let the two people pet him. I knew he was someone's dog since he was fixed, his nails were trimmed, and his teeth were clean. They helped me get him into my car and we went back to my house to get a leash. I drove him back to the original spot and started walking up and down the streets knocking on doors. People are very nice when they see a lost dog, but still no one knew him. Right when I was starting to worry I'd have to try and introduce him to Jet and Fiona, I heard a woman calling and he pulled at my leash. I ran around the corner with him and there was his owner. His name was Chumba and he had just been adopted by a nice British couple with three kids. I admit when I walked him home with her I was about to lose it... only Big Fish has done that to me since I can remember. Anyway that was my night... I'm so glad I decided to go running tonight and I'm even more glad that I didn't just say "his owners will find him, it'll be fine". Good afternoon, this.

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good, build up as much good karma as you can now...

seriously that's awesome dave. GOOD JOB NEVER FORGET

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